Make the most of your visit to São Paulo and stay for another day!

The fascinating city of São Paulo is a superlative metropolis on every level with a truly diverse range of options.

A bubbling cauldron of styles and cultures, where people of more than 70 nationalities live side by side, the city is also a great entertainment center: there are more than 280 movie screens, 180 theaters, more than 90 cultural centers and 110 museums, as well as countless nightclubs of all styles for one of the best nights out on the planet. And that’s before you even touch on shopping – with 79 shopping malls and dozens of streets with all kinds of specialties. And then there is the city’s cuisine – there are more than 12,500 restaurants, with 52 types of food from all over the world.

For these reasons among others, it is more than worthwhile taking a closer look at this global village, overflowing with knowledge, color, aromas and trends. Whatever your style, the city has a lot to offer. And the many themed excursions, suggestions for daytrips and attractions are what makes it so easy to experience a São Paulo made to measure for you. Try it – sharpen your senses and surprise yourself.

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